Dr. Albert B. Crum, Inventor

Dr Albert B. Crum, research scientist and renowned physician, has found the way to facilitate intracellular glutathione synthesis in the form on Immune Formulation 200. Utilizing traditional scientific perspectives, Dr. Crum discovered the path that delivers the essential elements required to boost and maintain the natural existing physiology within each and every cell. We can now support natural immune defenses through the granted U.S. Patent RE 39734, underscoring its unique composition, functionality and immune-support potential. The name of Patent RE 39734 is Nutritional or Therapeutic Compounds to Increase Bodily Glutathione Levels.

According to Dr. Crum, his initial interest in glutathione lay in his interest in the interrelationship between stress and the immune system. With Dr. Crum's extensive background in chemistry as an undergraduate and later at the Harvard Medical School, he was intrigued by what was observed clinically and what was going on in the body biochemically. He realized that glutathione was a pivotal molecule in the preservation and restoration of the immune system. He felt the approach should be to find a way of restoring the glutathione molecule intracellurlarly… he felt the best way was to allow the cell to carry out its natural function for which it had been evolved and perfected, namely synthesis of the glutathione molecule with specific enzymes et al. Dr. Crum felt that with the rapid turnover of glutathione, the most important way to achieve the physiological goal would be to facilitate and augment intracellular synthesis, which mechanism had already been highly perfected by years of evolution. Intracellular synthesis presented crucial and highly sensitive problems, because the most crucial entity cysteine could not be delivered into the cell per se.

Implications of Dr. Crum's invention are most important. This method of glutathione synthesis is reliable, safe, and physiological. Originally, Dr. Crum foresaw the cystine/cysteine interactive reversibility. He did not feel cystine was inert and inactive, notwithstanding it was oxidized. Dr. Crum's invention foresaw cystine as being the primary systemic carrier of cysteine, hence this coupling's being the reason why cystine could function as the primary carrier of cysteine. Dr. Crum's patent is also an economic avenue for replenishment of bodily glutathione.

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DrAlbert B. Crum with the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama has written the foreword to Dr. Crum’s Second Edition of his book, The 10-Step Method of Stress Relief, Decoding the Meaning and Significance of Stress.
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