Breakthrough: Immune Formulation 100

Through ProImmune, LLC, Immune Formulation 100™, based on Dr. Crum’s first patent, 6,667,063 B2, delivered a combination of undenatured whey and colostrums- know to be rich in amino acids the body needs to synthesize glutathione, once it is synthesized intracellularly. These building blocks naturally and physiologically maintain the potential performance of the body’s immune system. This dietary supplement creates an immune support system for healthy function.

A December 18, 2003 article in The Wall Street Journal about the problems facing the Food industry confirms the value and promise of Dr. Crum’s Immune Formulation from a Marketing as well as health standpoint. The article quoted one agricultural expert as
saying, “the U.S. is good at producing tons and tons of safe, but mediocre stuff.” The food industry today concentrates on low fat or sugar-free products, promoting apparently healthier versions of time-honored brands. Organically produced foods are the most celebrated trend in the food industry for the past decade. Immune Formulation, however, represents a certifiable innovation to food production that has enormous marketing potential for branders and profit margins for producers.

"Photo of Emuno Bar"


Immune Formulation 100™ is currently available as an essential ingredient in Emuno bar, marketed by NHance™ LLC, Brooklyn, NY. The delicious recipe was developed by The Culinary Institute of America. Emuno Bar can be found in value-added health food and/or nutrition stores.
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