Dean P. Jones, Ph.D. & Vitamin I

Dean P. Jones is a Professor of Medicine (Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine) at Emory University, Atlanta GA. He is the Director of the Emory Clinical Biomarkers Laboratory and Co-Director of the Emory Center for Clinical and Molecular Nutrition.

Dr. Jones is noted globally as a Glutathione expert, having concentrated his career in the importance, effects, possibilities and benefits of Glutathione replenishment toward our better health. His research has lead to various patents assigned to Emory University.

Dr. Jones has joined Immune Advantage World-Wide, Inc. as an expert consulting member in support of the investigation into the possible designation of Glutathione as a Vitamin.



There have been 13 vitamins identified by scientists in history, the existing list a result of determinations from 285 years ago, never amended since.

The validity and benefits of Immune Formulation 200 are so innovative and real that the categorization of Glutathione as “Vitamin I” is going forward with the consultation of Dean P. Jones, Ph.D. of the Emory University School of Medicine.

The “I” stands for Immunity or the Immune System.

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