Commercial Licensing

"Photo of ProImmune Jar" ProImmune® is a Dietary Supplement developed with a revolutionary nutritional composition to increase bodily Glutathione levels18, 19, 20, 21 that could have important impact on our health, our economy and your market share.

The ingredients in ProImmune® can bring "value added" branding considerations to products, which represents one of the fastest growing and recognized segments in the food product markets.

To understand the potential impact of ProImmune® on our immune support systems and healthy function, globally recognized medical research institutions have committed efforts within their fields to explore, research and study the possible benefits of this patented product.

The decision of the Culinary Institute of America was made to create immune support recipes for clients of The ProImmune Company that obtain a License from ProImmune® for one of its Immune Formulations. The name of the Institute is then permitted in a prescribed manner on packaging of such product. Such permission is believed unprecedented in the Institute's history.

Immune support, physiologically, separates ProImmune® and your product within the marketplace.

The Patent can help protect your market position.

And the benefits you can bring to your product's marketing efforts will be continually fueled by research results that define and redefine the immune support health benefits you might offer your patrons through your product when utilizing ProImmune® as an integral ingredient.

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