Contribution to Research and Charity

The potential for Immune Formulation 200 to impact the body’s ability to produce glutathione on an intracellular level has become the subject of a License donation to the Program Directors Association of Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI). RCMI, a consortium of 18 medical research institutions, has committed $17.5M annually, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), after their initial study of ProImmune, to research and conduct clinical studies on oxidative stress, and ProImmune’s influence on various aspects of health including aging. The contract is for five (5) years and a total of $87,500,000.00.

Drew University of Medicine and Science in partnership with a team from the Laboratory of the David Geffin School of Medicine UCLA reported the results of its first study at a meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research in Carmel, CA, February 2008 (see Research Results page).

"ProImmune Label Photo"RCMI has committed $17.5 million/year
for research to study, learn,
understand and define the effectiveness of
Immune Formulation 200
in increasing bodily Glutathione levels.

This commitment underscores the medical research community’s belief in the revolutionary potential of the antioxidant benefits to be derived from Immune Formulation 200.

In addition, in their commitment, RCMI underscores their interest with the economic dimension this discovery could provide.

Dr. Crum has donated the five Licenses for Immune Formation 200 to RCMI to facilitate this important, far reaching immune support research.


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